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The browser recognizes a HTML file with the help of <html>…</html> tags pair. Every html tag or element is written in between these tags. There are two sections of the document between this tag pair:

  • Head Section
  • Body Section

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”×160/bh_488x160_02.gif”></script>

The overall basic structure of an HTML file is:












The <head> and </head> tags identify the start and end of this section. In this tag title of document can be defined. The title of document can be defined using <title>…</title> tag pair. The text mentioned in between title tag should be less than and equal to 60 characters.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”×60/bh_468x60_05.gif”></script>


The <body> and </body> tags identify the start and end of the body section. This section includes material to be displayed on web page. Moreover this section includes information about layout of web page.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”×60/bh_468x60_02.gif”></script>

HTML Files Titles:

This example result will open a HTML document in your browser with a title: “Website-School/HTML Basics example 1”. Moreover it will contain some text in its body section using <p>….</p> tag. This tag is explained in HTML Paragraph chapter.




<title>Website-School/HTML Basics example 1</title>




<p> This text is displayed using paragraph tags inside the body tags.</p>




<a href=””><img src=”×60.gif”></a>


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