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5 asp

Learn about Installation of IIS on Windows Server 2003 and Testing your Web (5 ASP):


Follow these steps to install IIS on your Windows Server 2003:


  • When you open the Windows Server 2003, there is “Manage Your Server Wizard”.
  • Sometimes, the server is not displayed, then go to “Adminstrative tools” and select the “Manage your Server”.
  • The wizard will open, in this wizard, click “Add or remove a Role”.
  • Then click on “Next”.
  • In next window click “Custom Configuration”.
  • Then click “Next”.
  • Then select “Application Server Role”.
  • Then click “Next”.
  • If the wizard asks for CD of Server 2003, then insert the CD and run the setup till it is finished.
  • The wizard will display that Application Server Role is installed.
  • To open the “Application Server Management Console (MMC)”, click on “Manage this Application Server”.
  • Then open the Internet Information System Manager, then expand the desired server, then open the websites folder.
  • Then you will see default website which should not say “stopped”.
  • Finally IIS will be running.
  • Then, in the Internet Information System Manager, click the “Web Service Extension Folder”.
  • This will show the default configuration of IIS, in which Active Server Pages are blocked.
  • Then Allow the Active Server Pages.
  • Congratulations!!!!!! You have successfully activated ASP………..:)

For this installation of IIS and PWS is necessary. If you have already installed IIS and PWS then proceed. Otherwise check the previous posts for the easy tutorial of installation of IIS and PWS. Follow these steps test your web:


    • Find the folder “Inetpub” on your Hard Drive.
    • Open this folder and find another folder named “wwwroot”.
    • Then create a new folder named “Mywebsite” in this “wwwroot”.
    • Open the notepad and write some asp code in it.
    • Save this file as “aspfile.asp” in the new folder.

  • Then check whether your server is running or not.
  • If yes then open the browser and type in the address bar http://localhost/Mywebsite/aspfile.asp.
  • You will successfully view your asp web page.
  • Congratulations Learn about Installation of IIS on Windows Server 2003 and Testing your Web (5 ASP):

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