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Following are the posts for HTML online Tutorial. To learn everything about HTML, just read these posts: HTML Online Tutorial HTML TAGS (2) HTML BASICS (3) HTML ELEMENTS (4) HTML ATTRIBUTES (5) More »


XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is also known as XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is a markup language. In XHTML, there are no predefined tags. The user defines the More »


In this tutorial, you learned: HTML Introduction HTML Tags HTML Basics HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Paragraphs HTML Headings HTML Formats HTML Image HTML Links HTML Lists HTML Frames HTML Table After More »


HTML Tables are used to arrange data in web pages. HTML allows the use of tables by <table>…</table> tags. Each row in HTML table is recognized by <tr>…</tr> tag. In each row More »


Nested frames example: For the following example to work, there are two other simple HTML files : “HMTL11e1 frame a.html” and “HMTL11e1 frame b.html”. your browser will divide your screeub half. The More »


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Web Hosting Tips

There are two main types of Web Hosting:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting

In Shared Web Hosting, companies shares servers in data centers between their customers. So that their customers can share bandwidth, network resources and disk space among each other. This type of hosting is cheaper than others. But if the company has few servers and huge amount of customers than your website will become extremely slow. Those who have to consider their budget and not quality can use this type of webhosting.

In Dedicated Web Hosting, Companies dedicate each server to a specific website. This allows the customer to use maximum bandwidth, disk space and network resources. It is costly web hosting but provides best features.  Therefore, Dedicated Web Hosting service is far better than Shared Web Hosting Services.

There are many Web Hosting Service Providers Company, but only few are discussed here: While Purchasing Web Hosting Service Packages, consider the following points:

  • Your server is providing 99.9%approx. uptime for your website.

  • Your server is providing 24x7hrs Security, Spam filtering and Firewall Protection.

  • Your server is providing Unlimited Disk Space.

The web hosting company providing above mentioned facilities is known as reliable web hosting service. Such websites are very useful for any type of business. One of the best web hosting service providers is “bluehost”. They provide unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer and free one domain name for only $6.95 per month.  You should try this package at ””.

Other Best Web Hosting Services Companies and their packages are mentioned here:

HostGator $15 Unlimited Unlimited $4.95
ipage Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.50
Inmotion Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.95
JustHost Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.45
SuperGreen Hosting Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.95
FatCow Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.67
HostClear Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.95
HostMonster Free Unlimited Unlimited $5.95
WebHosting Hub Free Unlimited Unlimited $3.95


Choose from above mentioned web hosting companies and enjoy! But I strongly recommend BlueHost. I never had any problems using blue host…:)