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Following are the posts for HTML online Tutorial. To learn everything about HTML, just read these posts: HTML Online Tutorial HTML TAGS (2) HTML BASICS (3) HTML ELEMENTS (4) HTML ATTRIBUTES (5) More »


XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is also known as XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is a markup language. In XHTML, there are no predefined tags. The user defines the More »


In this tutorial, you learned: HTML Introduction HTML Tags HTML Basics HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Paragraphs HTML Headings HTML Formats HTML Image HTML Links HTML Lists HTML Frames HTML Table After More »


HTML Tables are used to arrange data in web pages. HTML allows the use of tables by <table>…</table> tags. Each row in HTML table is recognized by <tr>…</tr> tag. In each row More »


Nested frames example: For the following example to work, there are two other simple HTML files : “HMTL11e1 frame a.html” and “HMTL11e1 frame b.html”. your browser will divide your screeub half. The More »


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ASP online tutorial

ASP Server Side Scripting Online Tutorial Contents

Following is the ASP  Server Side Scripting Online Tutorial Contents:

ASP  Server Side Scripting
Learn about ASP Introduction in ASP tutorial (2)
Learn about Features of ASP, IIS and PWS (3)
Learn about Installation of IIS and PWS (4 ASP)
Learn about Installation of IIS on Windows Server 2003 and Testing your Web (5 ASP)
Learn about Basic ASP Syntax Rules (6 ASP)
Learn about Basic ASP Variables (7 ASP)
Learn about Basic ASP Procedures (8 ASP)
Learn about Basic ASP Forms and Inputs by User (9.1 ASP)
Learn about Basic ASP Forms and Inputs by User (9.2 ASP)
Learn about ASP Cookies (10 ASP)
Learn about ASP Session Objects (11.1 ASP)
Learn about ASP Session Objects (11.2 ASP)

RSS FEED on Website/Blog

So, for last 6 hours i have been stumbling on different websites and trying to find out what the heck is RSS FEED?. Finally I got the basic idea of RSS Feed.
RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. What happens is when a blogger or any website owner creates its RSS FEED. The visitors who subscribes to their RSS FEED will automatically know about the new posts and content coming up on these blogs or websites. So, basically when someone wants to tell the world about the content of their blog or website they set up the RSS feed for their blogs or websites using Google Feed Burner etc. I prefer to use Google Feed Burner. Its easy and keeps the track of all your feeds.

But as far as RSS Feed Reader is considered. Most People use GOOGLE RSS Reader, because its easy to manage your subscribed RSS Feeds in it. For those users who already have Google Adsense account, it is extremely easy to setup the Google RSS FEED. Following is the small tutorial to setup RSS FEED using google Adsense account:

All they need to do is to go to the FEEDS link on the left sidebar in “MY ADS” section. The dialog box will appear. You need to click Get Started. Then fill in the form. If you are new to RSS, well of course you new to RSS, otherwise you would not be reading this article, then you should click on “Burn New Feed”. Then give the URL of your blog or website in it. Then choose the default choices for RSS feed type. Then click Save. Also Follow the link given on last dialog box to understand how to setup RSS Feed via blogger and wordpress. Thats all for now. In next post I will explain how to use FEED Burner.