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Following are the posts for HTML online Tutorial. To learn everything about HTML, just read these posts: HTML Online Tutorial HTML TAGS (2) HTML BASICS (3) HTML ELEMENTS (4) HTML ATTRIBUTES (5) More »


XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is also known as XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is a markup language. In XHTML, there are no predefined tags. The user defines the More »


In this tutorial, you learned: HTML Introduction HTML Tags HTML Basics HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Paragraphs HTML Headings HTML Formats HTML Image HTML Links HTML Lists HTML Frames HTML Table After More »


HTML Tables are used to arrange data in web pages. HTML allows the use of tables by <table>…</table> tags. Each row in HTML table is recognized by <tr>…</tr> tag. In each row More »


Nested frames example: For the following example to work, there are two other simple HTML files : “HMTL11e1 frame a.html” and “HMTL11e1 frame b.html”. your browser will divide your screeub half. The More »


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What can an App Developer do for you?

Mobile Application development has become one of the most significant business in Software Development domain. Many people these days are paying attention to create a mobile application for thier business to increase thier business growth. This has increased the demand of an app developer around the globe.

When you think of creating an app for your business the most important question in your mind is that what exactly can a app developer do for you? The purpose of this article is to summarise few capabilities of an app developer.

An app developer can create a mobile application on many platforms like IOS or Android. They can create many functions or services in the app as per your requirement. For example, if you have a blog, an app developer can create android app (or an IOS app) for you through which you can share your daily posts with your reader.

Similarly, if you have an online store you can ask smartphone app developers to create a online store in a mobile app for you. Through such application your users will get a notification about your new product the instant you put it online. They can not only order it but also share it on the social media as well. The huge online stores has been using mobile applications to generate revenue for a very long time now. Why cant you do the same? Any general store in any market in the world can create a mobile application for their business and increase thier profits and demand in record time.

Another important feature which any app developer can create in your application is GPS tracking. This feature is basically used in delivery businesses. For example, if you have a food store, you can create a custom made application from which people can order food. When your driver is out for delivery the GPS tracking feature keeps you update about the delivery schedule, driver’s current position, estimated time of delivery and driver’s route etc. These same features can be used in a frieght delivery business mobile application as well.

An expert app developer will know which questions to ask you about your business. Which services to create in an app to increase profit growth? They can advise right platform for your mobile application. They can create an efficient and professional product for you. By hiring a app developer , you can have peace of mind and focus on developing your business. You dont have to worry about the development of an app. The expert will design and develop it for you and deliver it on time.

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Tell us what you want your mobile application to do? Which services you want it to perform? Tell us your Theme Colour and Give us your website and Logo. Then sit back and relax and we will create a mobile application for you in 1 Month.

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Your Business success depends on Mobile Application!

In todays world, mobile has truly empowered humans to communicate and work efficiently around the globe even if they are on the move. Mobile Application for any business fills the gap between a customer and company products and services.

Mobile application for your business will give your customers access to your information and products around the clock. It gives them access to browse through your products while they are on the move and place orders as well. For example, stores like Next, Asda, Sainsbury have such successful mobile applications on which customer places there order for grocery and other household items to be delivered at their homes or picked by them at their convenient time. The more information you put about your product on your mobile application, the more customer feels confident about the quality of product and thus places an order. This can increase your business income significantly.

Some people due to busy schedules don’t have time to go to market and shop therefore they prefer online shopping such shoppers are known as Online Shoppers. If you don’t have a website or Mobile Application through which you can sell your products or services then you are completely loosing a huge group of customers. Now, the question is can a website alone can suffice to provide for such customers? The answer is NO, NO , NO. Most of Online shoppers prefer mobile applications shopping rather than going to their website from mobile again and again and then shop. There are many reasons, one of them is that in mobile application they don’t have to log in to their accounts again and again as compared to website access from mobile or any other device. Thus Mobile Application for your business can get you all those customers which you have been loosing so far.

Mobile application can also be used in various other businesses to keep tracks of goods in transit, delivery schedules, delivery drivers movement, medical and corporate records etc. In other words, whatever business you are in can get benefit from mobile application. To make your mobile application successful for your business, it is important to do online marketing as well through social networks to reach online customers and tell them about your mobile application. All in all, Investing in Mobile Application for your business will always be fruitful as long as you deliver the right content about your product and services.

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Significance of Various Mobile Application Platforms

There are various kind of mobile devices and thus platforms on which mobile application for your business can be developed. These include Apple devices, Android Devices including companies like Samsung, Nokia or Sony Mobiles etc. According to the survey done by Forbes in 2015, the Android Devices occupy 80% of the Operating System Market, where IOS is on the second number with only 16% of Market Shares, Windows Devices occupy 3% of market and the rest is occupied by various other companies.

Android is a Operating System which is used by various manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and Nokia etc. Android Devices are affordable, easy to use and quality products. Therefore, these devices are more common as compared to other manufacturers. Thus the Mobile Application Developers like us suggest that the mobile application for your business must be built on Android Platform to cover such a huge market group.


Similarly, IOS has 16% market share which means it is also imperative that your business mobile application must be designed on IOS aa well so that you don’t loose any customers.


Now, the question is can these mobile application on IOS and Android can be same. Then yes, we can assure you that your mobile application will be same on both platforms. Which means that you will not loose your IOS or Android Customers.


Moreover, it is very important for your mobile application to be integrated with your website so that the quantity or information about your products or services is in sync in both website &amp; mobile application. Thus we can also integrate the mobile application of your business with your website to ensure that your business run smoothly.


Basically,the choice of platform for Mobile Application Development is your choice. But we suggest that you consider both IOS and Android for Mobile Application Development to maximise your business success and income.

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