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The browser recognizes a HTML file with the help of <html>…</html> tags pair. Every html tag or element is written in between these tags. There are two sections of the document between this tag pair:

  • Head Section
  • Body Section

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”×160/bh_488x160_02.gif”></script>

The overall basic structure of an HTML file is:












The <head> and </head> tags identify the start and end of this section. In this tag title of document can be defined. The title of document can be defined using <title>…</title> tag pair. The text mentioned in between title tag should be less than and equal to 60 characters.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”×60/bh_468x60_05.gif”></script>


The <body> and </body> tags identify the start and end of the body section. This section includes material to be displayed on web page. Moreover this section includes information about layout of web page.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”×60/bh_468x60_02.gif”></script>

HTML Files Titles:

This example result will open a HTML document in your browser with a title: “Website-School/HTML Basics example 1”. Moreover it will contain some text in its body section using <p>….</p> tag. This tag is explained in HTML Paragraph chapter.




<title>Website-School/HTML Basics example 1</title>




<p> This text is displayed using paragraph tags inside the body tags.</p>




<a href=””><img src=”×60.gif”></a>


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HTML is a markup language. It uses different markup tags to describe web pages. The markup tags are also known as HTML tags. HTML tags are like commands to browsers.

The browsers like Firefox, IE7 etc. reads these html tags and the data between them and display them in form of formatted web pages. The browser does not display the html tags.


The HTML tags are used in form of pairs. These tags are basically keywords enclosed in angle brackets. The starting tag is known as Opening Tag/Start Tag. The ending tag is known as Closing Tag/End Tag. The end tag also contains “/” within the angle brackets.


<html>   </html> is known as tags.

<html> is Opening/Start Tag.

</html> is Closing/End tag.

HTML tags are not case sensitive.

Therefore “<body>…</body>” is same as “<BODY>…</BODY>”.


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