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Features of XHTML

We have concluded some of the significant features of XHTML in this post. So that you can understand it better.

XML is to structure, store and transport:

XHTML basically does not do anything . It is only used to structure, store and transport information. Consider an example of sending an email to your friend. In XML the text of your email should be like this:

<heading>xml example</heading>
<body>I am a text of example email written in xml</body>

The person you are sending your email is written inside <to> ../<to> tags. The from tag has you name in it. The subject of your email is mentioned in heading tags. Similarly, the actual body of your email is written in the body tags.

You should know that these tags will not do anything by themselves. You still have to develop a code which will send, receive and display this information to your friend. i.e. which will pick the header information and send it to your fiend so that it will appear in the subject field on his end

You need to invent your tags:

In XHTML, you have to define your own tags, there are no predefined. For example, the tags which are mentioned in above example, like to, from, header and body are not defined in XML standards. But on the other hand, the tags which you used in HTML are predefined. Even then you can only create a HTML document with only those tags which are defined in HTML standards like the <p> tag used to create a paragraph in HTML. All in all, you can not only define your own tags in  xml but also can create your very own document structure.

Is XHTML replacing HTML?

NO, XHTML is not considered as a replacement to HTML. In fact, XHTML complements HTML. As described in earlier post (HTML BASICS), HTML is used to format the data and then display it, while XHTML is used to transport data.

In the beginning, HTML was considered as extremely important, but now XHMTL has become as important as XHTML. Because it is now used as a mode of transmission between applications.

In this post you have understood some significant features of XHMTL. In the next post, we will explain the ways in which XHTML is used.

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