Significance of Various Mobile Application Platforms

There are various kind of mobile devices and thus platforms on which mobile application for your business can be developed. These include Apple devices, Android Devices including companies like Samsung, Nokia or Sony Mobiles etc. According to the survey done by Forbes in 2015, the Android Devices occupy 80% of the Operating System Market, where IOS is on the second number with only 16% of Market Shares, Windows Devices occupy 3% of market and the rest is occupied by various other companies.

Android is a Operating System which is used by various manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and Nokia etc. Android Devices are affordable, easy to use and quality products. Therefore, these devices are more common as compared to other manufacturers. Thus the Mobile Application Developers like us suggest that the mobile application for your business must be built on Android Platform to cover such a huge market group.


Similarly, IOS has 16% market share which means it is also imperative that your business mobile application must be designed on IOS aa well so that you don’t loose any customers.


Now, the question is can these mobile application on IOS and Android can be same. Then yes, we can assure you that your mobile application will be same on both platforms. Which means that you will not loose your IOS or Android Customers.


Moreover, it is very important for your mobile application to be integrated with your website so that the quantity or information about your products or services is in sync in both website & mobile application. Thus we can also integrate the mobile application of your business with your website to ensure that your business run smoothly.


Basically,the choice of platform for Mobile Application Development is your choice. But we suggest that you consider both IOS and Android for Mobile Application Development to maximise your business success and income.

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