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Following are the posts for HTML online Tutorial. To learn everything about HTML, just read these posts: HTML Online Tutorial HTML TAGS (2) HTML BASICS (3) HTML ELEMENTS (4) HTML ATTRIBUTES (5) More »


XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is also known as XML (Extensible Markup Language). It is a markup language. In XHTML, there are no predefined tags. The user defines the More »


In this tutorial, you learned: HTML Introduction HTML Tags HTML Basics HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML Paragraphs HTML Headings HTML Formats HTML Image HTML Links HTML Lists HTML Frames HTML Table After More »


HTML Tables are used to arrange data in web pages. HTML allows the use of tables by <table>…</table> tags. Each row in HTML table is recognized by <tr>…</tr> tag. In each row More »


Nested frames example: For the following example to work, there are two other simple HTML files : “HMTL11e1 frame a.html” and “HMTL11e1 frame b.html”. your browser will divide your screeub half. The More »


Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an Internet Hosting Service, which allows anyone to make their website available via World Wide Web.

There are different companies which are providing space on their servers to their customers to lease for a specific time period. Users can use that space for different purposes.

There are many types of hosting. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Image Hosting Service
  • Video Service Hosting
  • Blog Hosting Service
  • One-Click Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Service
  • Free Web Hosting Service
  • Shared Web Hosting Service

While purchasing a webhosting, you should consider the followings:

  • Database Server Software
  • Scripting Software
  • Operating System

Some important and reliable webhosting companies are discussed in next post of this category.

Domain Tips

Presenting your product to a customer in an attractive manner is chief and imperative principle of business. Similarly, your attractive domain name which gives the viewer a glimpse of your website is also very imperative.

To sum up the information about your website in 63 characters is difficult but not impossible. As you can see that this website gives you information about designing a website, therefore its domain name is “website-school”.

Therefore there are two things which you should keep in mind while purchasing a domain name for your website:

  1. Represent the content of your website in 63 characters effectively.
  2. At the same time, try to make your domain name attractive or eye catching.

There are many web hosting sites which offers good package to buy a domain along with the hosting services. The Web Hosting services is discussed in detail in next section.



Domain is a group of words of maximum 63 characters, which is used on internet to recognize a computer. It is mapped to IP addresses.

A DNS (Domain Name Server) is basically a TCP/IP stack, which converts Domains names into IP addresses. When you buy a domain name, DNS stores a IP address against that domain name. Whenever someone wants to visit your website (domain name) , the DNS translates your domain name and sends a request to that address.

Domain name have three parts known as labels:

  • Host name
  • Subdomain
  • Top-Level Domain

The domain is in form:


In this example the label: “” is the hostname. Then next label “domainname” is known as sub domain. But the last label which is “.com” is known as top level domain.

In short the basic structure of domain name is:




In simple words, domain represents the title of your website and gives a short    insight of your website material.

Designing a website

Designing a website:

Think! how you will feel when you will own your own website or blog. You will be able to share all the information that you have piled up in your brain. Moreover you will feel the freedom of writing.

You can write anything and send your message across the world. You can tell people about new fashion trends, technology news, market your product, buy and sell goods, etc. Does it feel good?

Hell YES…

Designing a website seems like an exhausting task. But in fact it is not as scary as people think. People with some knowledge about programming languages can easily design their own website. Even those who don’t know anything about HTML, XHTML etc. can also design a website using different special software. e.g. Dreamweaver CS4, WordPress (for blogs) etc.

Creativity is one of the major abilities that everyone has deep inside them. But only few can use this ability in an effective manner. It is a talent and cannot be learned. Building a website is not difficult at all. But yes building an attractive website is extremely difficult. So use your creativeness effectively while designing a website.

Writing skills are as important as creativity. Excellent choice of topic and writing can increase visits on your site tremendously. The more your writing is inspiring the more it attracts people to visit your site again and again. But it does not mean that those who don’t have superb writing skills cannot make a site. Such people should start practicing by making a simple website. Then by time I am sure they will acquire the required level of writing skills. Then they can also make their site rank high.

All in all, don’t worry and start working on creating your own website. This site includes all the basic tutorials, information and tips that you will need to build an extraordinary website.



Web site is defined as a collection of different web pages. It is an organized group of different web pages. The web site can contain any type of material e.g. videos, pictures, plug-ins etc.

There are different types of web-pages:

  • Portal Website
  • Marketing/Buisness Website
  • Entertainment Website
  • Advocacy Website
  • Informational Website
  • Educational Website
  • News Website
  • Blogs (Personal) Website