Learn about PHP and MySQL relationship

Learn about PHP and MySQL

PHP Introduction

PHP is basically a language which creates HTML content. Before starting this tutorial, you should have basic understanding of: HTML / XHTML, JavaScript. You can find the tutorial for HMTL here:

HTML online Tutorial Contents


We recommend that the reader should go through these tutorials first before PHP tutorial.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP can be used in three ways: Server side Scripting, Command Line scripting and Client-side GUI (Graphic User Interface) application. There are many databases which are supported by PHP e.g. MySQL, Solid, Informix , Sybase etc.). PHP is a free to download and use. Also, it is and open source software. PHP runs on various platforms like Windows, Unix and Linux etc. It runs efficiently on server side and is easy to learn. Following is the brief introduction of the ways in which PHP is used:

Server Side Scripting:

PHP is a server side scripting programming language like ASP. PHP is basically designed and best suited to create web content. PHP parser and a web server is used to generate the HTML. The web server is used to send the coded documents. PHP can also be used to generate the XHTML documents, graphics, animations, pdf files, etc.

Command Line Scripting:

The command line can be used to run PHP scripts like Perl, Unix Shell, or awk. These command line scripts can be used for various administration tasks of a system like log parsing or backup.

Client-Side GUI Application:

The cross platform GUI applications can be written by using PHP-GTK.

PHP File:

PHP files are capable of containing text, HTML, scripts and various tags etc. The extension of any PHP file is “.php”, “.php3” and “.phtml”. These files return to the internet browser as a plain HTML.

PHP and MySQL:

The database server is known as MySQL. It supports standard SQL. It is available freely to download and use. It is usually used for both small and large applications. It can compile various platforms.

If you need to develop a cross platform application i.e. develop it on Windows and serve on Linux then you can use PHP and MySQL together.


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