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HTML uses different tags to improve the layout and format of text on web page. To display an italic text HTML uses <i>…</i>  tag.

Following are some important tags used to improve the format of text:

<b>….</b> It displays text in bold style.
<big>….</big> It displays text in Big style.
<i>….</i> It displays text in Italic style.
<sub>….</sub> It displays text in Subscript.
<sup>….</sup> It displays text in Superscript.
<em>….</em> It displays an emphasized text.
<small>….</small> It displays text in Small.
<strong>….</strong> It displays a strong style text.
<ins>….</ins> It displays text in inserted style.
<del>….</del> It displays text in deleted style.


HTML tags can be nested. e.g.

Nested Tags:

In the following example the formatting tags are used inside paragraph tag.





<title>Website-School/HTML Formats Example 1</title>




<p><b>This text is Bold</b></p>

<p><big>This text is Big</big></p>

<p><i>This text is Italic</i></p>

<p>This text is <sub>in Subscript</sub></p>

<p>This text is <sup>in Subscript</sup></p>

<p><em> This is an emphasized text.</em></p>

<p><small>This text is Small</small>  </p>

<p><strong>This text is Strong</strong>  </p>

<p><ins>This text is in Inserted style</ins></p>

<p><del>This text is in Deleted style</del></p></body>




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