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HTML elements are defined as a command that tells a browser to do something e.g. <title> tag pair. Everything inside the HTML tags is known as element contents. The start/opening tag defines the start of a HTML element. Similarly, the end/closing tag defines the end of a HTML element.

Example 1:

The <html> element defines whole html file. Similarly <head> element defines title of document using another <title> element.


Some HTML tags have nothing inside them. Such HTML elements are empty. Empty elements are often closed in start tag.

Example 2:

The line break tag is used to insert a line in document layout. It is closed in the start tag. Moreover it does not contain any content so it is empty element. e.g. </br>

HTML elements can also contain some attributes. e.g.

<a href=”index.html”> index</a>

In this example href is given as an HTML attribute to the <a>…</a> tag.

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