Domain is a group of words of maximum 63 characters, which is used on internet to recognize a computer. It is mapped to IP addresses.

A DNS (Domain Name Server) is basically a TCP/IP stack, which converts Domains names into IP addresses. When you buy a domain name, DNS stores a IP address against that domain name. Whenever someone wants to visit your website (domain name) , the DNS translates your domain name and sends a request to that address.

Domain name have three parts known as labels:

  • Host name
  • Subdomain
  • Top-Level Domain

The domain is in form:


In this example the label: “” is the hostname. Then next label “domainname” is known as sub domain. But the last label which is “.com” is known as top level domain.

In short the basic structure of domain name is:




In simple words, domain represents the title of your website and gives a short    insight of your website material.


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